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365 Days of wonder...a journey within

Welcome! As a therapist, mom, spouse, daughter,

co-worker, I feel like sometimes it's not easy to keep track of just who you are! Am I right?

So the other night I was taking my kids to the wonderfully crowded Book Fair event at their elementary school. I was tired, knew there would be requests for little trinkets and books that were way overpriced, so honestly I really didn't want to go. But the mommy guilt stepped in and off we went. Yes,I love spending time with the kids, but hundreds of others...meh. LOL

But something happened while I was there, I turned the corner while milling around and spotted this little gem..."365 Days of Wonder, Mr. Brownes Precepts- A Quote for every day of the year about courage, friendship, love and kindness. Intrigued...I opened it to the day's date.... and sitting there on that page was this quote...I f you can't change your fate, change your attitude-Amy Tan

Well I thought, is this a funny joke? It was too fitting, not only for my own life but also a topic of discussion I have with my clients all too often. We can't always change our fate, sometimes we just have to change our attitude. So what better way to change your attitude than to set out on a journey of honesty and reflection. So over the next year, travel with me through 365 Days of wonder and a journey within. Until next time, allison

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