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Appointment Check-In

  • Welcome! Check in for your appointment below. Your therapist will let you know which platform to use  prior to your appointment. On occasion due to high web traffic, or technical limitations we may have to utilize different video platforms.

zoom check in 2.png

Once you check in, I will be notified that you are in the "virtual waiting room". If I need to send you a message I will do so via the chat feature on the video platform.


If for any reason you cannot connect, refer to the suggestions to the right for help. Sessions conducted over the computer work best. A phone will work as well.

Please be sure to use earphones 


Important tips for a successful session:

-Are you in a secure location that is private?

-Do you have earphones on to secure our conversation?

-Are you going to be free from distractions for 45-60 minutes? It is OK if you must stop for a quick second to talk to a loved one, but this time should be yours...even if you are at home or work. Sessions while driving or walking through a store, etc. are not advised. We want you to devote the attention to this time so you can get the most out of it!


If you have any problems please text the office phone at 443-203-8098.

See you soon!

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